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EMS FLOOR GROUP is a 100% Romanian company with over 10 years of international experience in the field of synthetic floors, which was achieved by completing various large scale projects in various industries.

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About EMS Floor Group

About EMS

About EMS Floor Group

EMS FLOOR GROUP was founded in 2010 from the desire of the two founders to help and contribute to people’s prosperity.

EMS is a dream that started since adolescence, being materialized in the form of a pragmatic company, which serves communities in a very concrete way.

The team’s expertise begins, therefore, with the people who run the company, being themselves practitioners in the field, professionals who have worked directly, side by side with those at all levels of execution.

What EMS team wants is to be a real support for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and producers, through the production capacity and simultaneous operational teams, but also through the use of the most diverse floor application systems at European level.

EMS implements flooring systems for a wide variety of spaces – including the food industry, commercial spaces, but also for sports fields, parking lots, clinics, offices. In addition to flooring services, EMS also offers waterproofing and polishing services.


The vision of the company was established from the very start by its founders. EMS was created to become a globally recognised brand in resin flooring and a leader in the field of industrial flooring application.


EMS FLOOR GROUP’s mission is of making the world better. We want to help people grow and reach their full potential, to do things better and, as a result, to make the world a better place.


The development of EMS FLOOR GROUP was possible thanks to the values we follow and have. Our entire activity is based on perseverance, integrity, humanity, focus, adaptability, loyalty, lifelong learning and courage.


1. Top employer
2. No 1 in Europe in flooring application
3. Support and get involved in the community


Claudiu Baciu

Claudiu Baciu

Marius Baciu

Marius Baciu

EMS is, above all, a team that understands its purpose – to have, through the executed floors, through the waterproofing works or the polishing projects, all realized at European standards, a concrete impact on the environment in which it activities. Currently the team is made up of 140 people very well prepared for EMS to achieve its goals.

EMS currently has 16 teams of applicators, of which 12 in the flooring division and 4 in the waterproofing division.

EMS is the company with the most floor applicators in Romania, all new employees are being prepared internally by a team of internal trainers.


The Future

Our future plans are, in fact, a natural continuation of the success we have had so far. The development strategy of EMS FLOOR GROUP aims, first of all, to expand the activities at an European level.
The expertise accumulated so far, as well as the modern technologies we use, guarantee us that we will be able to continue to carry out important, quality projects in regions that go beyond Romania’s borders.