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EMS FLOOR GROUP is a 100% Romanian company with over 10 years of international experience in the field of synthetic floors, which was achieved by completing various large scale projects in various industries.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy regarding protection of personal data applied on www.emsfloorgroup.ro

We invite you to obtain information on our confidentiality policy which includes our commercial purposes. In case you have additional queries on accessing or correcting personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us.


EMS FLOOR GROUP, as holder and operator of the web page emsfloorgroup.ro, hereinafter called “OWNER” complies with the norms included in the GDPR Regulation (General Data Protection Regulation) during the collection and processing of personal data from the visitors of the web page mentioned above, hereinafter called “USERS/USER”. “Regulation” means the uniform law at European level referred to and “data” means the personal of users. GDPR should be complied with by any legal persona trading products or services for EU citizens. More information on the GDPR regulation may be found on http://www.dataprotection.ro/ or on the European portal https://www.eugdpr.org/. Personal data collection and processing through the web page emsfloorgroup.ro, are achieved exclusively for the commercial purposes determined below: – in view of conveying a commercial offer related to products or services presented on the web page to users who explicitly requested commercial information using the forms or contact data present on the web page; – for the conveyance of newsletters and/or periodical alerts, via e-mail, but only subject to an additional and explicit consent to this end;


Data deemed personal collected on this web page are: name and/or first name, phone number, city, e-mail address, name of the company represented by the user, and IP address. By filling in data in the forms and actions for the explicit checking of confirmation boxes, the user has given his/her freely expressed and informed consent and was directed to the present confidentiality statement. When such need for an explicit consent is required, a button/control enabling you to express your consent or refusal in an adequate manner will be available to you. Such consent is not a prerequisite for the establishment of a commercial relation and does not create any type of contractual obligations.


This web page is HTTPS secured when it comes to the transfer of information between the server and users. NONE of the forms included on this web page publicly store personal data but convey them to the owner through the intercession of email services. Such data conveyed via email may be stored, as per the legislation in force, by third parties like suppliers of internet services, local networks, e=mail hosting services. There are no other personal data collection methods present on this web page. Personal data collected using this web page may be stored onto computer systems held by the owner in view of elaborating a commercial offer or for the fulfilment of legal/contractual obligations (invoicing, payment follow-up, delivery, warranty, etc.). The owner commits to manage the stored data in safety conditions and only for the specified commercial purposes. EMS FLOOR GROUP may provide certain personal data collected from this web page to other operators (courier services suppliers, marketing services suppliers, payment/banking services suppliers) with whom it has partnership relations but only pursuant to a confidentiality commitment from their behalf and only for the purposes mentioned thus guaranteeing that such data is safely maintained and that the provision of such personal information is achieved as per the legislation in force.


According to Law no. 677/2001, the user benefits from the right to access and intervene on the personal data, the right to request the deletion of all personal data from the internal computer systems maintained by the owner and, to this end, you may make a written demand and address to the EMS FLOOR GROUP. Each commercial newsletter type communication and or periodical e-mail alert wherefore the user has expressed his/her consent beforehand, is accompanied by the explicit possibility for unsubscribing and deletion of personal data used in this type of communication.


“Cookie” is a text file that a web page places on the user’s device for the purpose of collecting information on such user’s activities on the web page or in order to facilitate certain functions of the page. This site uses cookies from third parties in order to personalize content and ads, for online marketing based on visitor behaviour and analyze traffic. By using cookies, we pursue the provision of the best navigation experience possible and advertising adds adapted to needs and the interest of each visitor. The cookies used on this site may come from third party services providers like: Google, Facebook, DoubleClick, Trafic.ro, Majestic Seo, Hotjar, SEOmonitor, Cpanel. HOW CAN YOU CONTROL COOKIES? You may control and/or erase cookies as you wish – for details visit aboutcookies.org. You may delete all cookies from your computer and may set the majority of browsers to block them. If you do so, it is possible that you may be required to manually set certain preferences, each time you visit our web page. Also, it is possible that some options or services will not work.


EMS FLOOR GROUP may change the confidentiality statement and policies from time to time and encourages users to verify this page. To continue using the emsfloorgroup.ro web page after any change in the Confidentiality statement represents your implied acceptance.